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It’s our priority to make your evening an enjoyable one, but we need your help. Below is a list of property rules and frequently asked questions. The management sincerely appreciates your cooperation.

Refund Policy – Admission Prices Here


No outside food or beverage is allowed in this theater (strictly enforced with ejection from the drive-in), your support of our reasonably priced snack bar is essential (and appreciated) for the survival of this theater. Please check out our full Menu.

Birthday cakes are allowed – check in at the gate we will refrigerate them if needed.

Speed limit inside the theater is 5 MPH. Always keep an eye out for children on the property.

Parents / guardians are responsible for their children and must always watch them while on the property. Tell children not to run across aisles or between cars and to obey posted signage.

Screen switching/hopping is strictly prohibited. Those given admission to one screen may not change screens or watch the features on another screen. Those found doing so will be ejected from the drive-in or they must pay the full admission for everyone in their group to watch the additional movie/s. ~The reason for this rule is based on our contracts with all the movie studios, they require us to pay them for anyone that sees their films. The majority of time screens 1 & 2 are showing movies from separate studios. Just like at an indoor theater you are not allowed to see a movie you didn’t pay for. However, here at Stardust we only charge you to see one movie but give you the second move for free even though we are still paying the movie studio your admission for the second movie. Way better value than an indoor theater

No Carry Ins or alcohol. Close to 90% of the ticket sales goes back to the studios and our Movie Broker. Therefore, if you enjoy coming to the drive-in, we truly need your support of purchasing our family affordable food to pay our bills so that generations to come can enjoy this magical place as well. Alcohol is strictly prohibited by zoning laws and will be enforced by the County Sheriff – no warnings will be given. If alcohol is seen, law enforcement will be notified to confiscate the alcohol and to eject all members from group out of the drive-in.

No sitting on the roof of vehicles. It is unsafe and can obstruct the view of those behind you.

If you leave the theatre for any reason, on foot or by car, you must pay the full admission to re-enter the drive-in.

Obscene language, horn honking, loud radio playing, actions that disturb others will not be tolerated. Those involved may be asked to leave without refund at discretion of management.

Vehicle lighting during features is not appreciated by those trying to watch the screen. Please keep your foot off the brake as well.

No laser pointers, fireworks, alcoholic beverages, cooking, or grilling allowed as stated above carry-ins and alcohol are strictly prohibited.

Shirts, shorts/pants, and shoes must be always worn while on property.

Each vehicle and group must only take up one space. Leave room for your neighbor.

No littering. Be responsible for you group and pick up after yourselves. We provide trash bags (if you need more, just ask) Use one or more of our many trash cans around the property.

This is private property and we reserve the right to refuse service to anyone at any time. Failure to obey rules or to leave when asked will result in the County Sheriff being notified of trespassers, which result in a fine/ticket.


  • Can we bring the dog?
    A. Currently, we do not prohibit bringing a dog. The furry family member must always be kept on a leash, and you must always pick up after them as they cannot do it themselves. If we see you not pick up after your pet will be asked to leave without refund. If your furry family becomes rude by barking or shows any signs of aggressive behavior (determined by Stardust Management) you will be asked to leave without a refund.
  • Can we bring our lawn chairs?
    A. Yes, absolutely. Organize yourselves in front OR behind your vehicle so not to obstruct those walking between vehicles or taking up two spaces. Don’t forget your blankets! We rent high-quality portable radios that make sitting outside your vehicle more enjoyable!
  • How do I disable my running lights?
    A. If you have daytime running lights in use on your car or truck, please do not start your vehicle during a feature. We understand you might need to get warm or turn on your defrosters. In “most” cases all you must do is – turn off your vehicle, then set your parking brake, and then start your vehicle as normal. This should deactivate your headlights from coming on while parked. If you are unable to deactivate your lights, we will provide you with specially designed automotive curtains FREE OF CHARGE with a valid ID in exchange to ensure we retrieve our curtains back.
  • Can we smoke?
    A. Inside your vehicles or in designated areas only. Customers found leaving their butts on the ground or tossing non-extinguished butts out will be ejected from the drive-in without refund. No warnings will be provided. Our area is prone to creating a wildfire and if one is created it will devastate our majestic landscape for many generations to come.
  • Failure to follow any rules will result in expulsion from the property without refund. If we find that these rules are continually not being obeyed, then we’ll impose NO SMOKING throughout the entire property just like an indoor theater.

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